Styling Clay Wax Matte


A versatile matte styling clay sculpts hair into any style.

  • Gives hair fabulous control, texture and style while delivering nutrients.
  • Create thickness and separation, providing body and hold.
  • Offers complete matte finish and pliable long lasting styling capability.
  • What it is:

    A versatile, unisex, matte sculpting and styling clay for all hair types.
  • What it does:

    Sculpts all hair types into any hair style, allowing you to mess, separate and chunk hair. Tussles, separates, texturizes and adds dimension to hair. Creates thickness and separation with body and hold for even the most daring, funky looks.. Complete matte finish with pliable, long lasting styling capability.
  • How it works:

    Designed with Olive, Jojoba and Safflower Oils to give great texture and deliver nutrients to the hair. Tested under the most demanding situations – in salon, studio, backstage, and location – to deliver the perfect, long-lasting hairstyle every time.

Our Technology


    Precise selection of organic actives eliminates stressors to protect the hair from further damage every time you wash.


    Multi-layered technology infused with potent restorative actives that deeply penetrate the hair core to quickly repair damage.


    Time-released, multi-layered technology infused with a concentration of reparative ceramides prolongs the effects of the treatment repair.


    Innovative microcapsules infused with multi-level hydrating actives that lock in moisture and protect hair from heated tools and environmental aggressors.

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