Celebrity Hairstylist Stephen Knoll Shares His Best Hair Care Tips (+ Common Mistakes to AVOID!)


Mamás Latinas have loved Stephen Knoll's hair care line for years and have asked for him to share some of his tips for a gorgeous, healthy mane, as well as the common mistakes in women's hair care routines.


Stephen's top hair tips for women:

1. Out of the shower, use a comb or a brush starting from the ends and working your way up so that you're not tangling and creating more knots.

2. Having a hair care routine, so whether that's cut, conditioning, or coloring, it's very important to have a routine with your hair to keep your hair in well—condition.

3. Rinsing hair thoroughly after shampooing and conditioning. It's essential that you rinse all of the products out completely.

4. Women with curly hair tend to over-dry their hair, especially when they want to wear it natural. The less you dry and the more you put in product when hair is wet, you'll get the best result.

5. Using the dryer in tandem with your hairbrush so that it's moving through the hair quickly.

Stephen's common hair mistakes to avoid:

One of the most common mistakes is that I see women—when they're out of the shower— combing through their hair from the scalp to the ends, which is the worst thing you can do because you create tangles and knots. You should always start from the ends and work your way up to the scalp.

The second thing is that people tend to over blow-dry their hair. 

In addition, overuse of products and lack of routine are also common mistakes. Using too many products can very often weigh the hair down. People tend to neglect their hair as if it doesn't matter how they treat it. Yes, it will continue to grow but it's not going to continue to grow in the same way.