Style Memory Lotion


An extraordinary all-in-one protective heat-styling lotion that transforms hair into long lasting styles.

  • Universal mist provides complete control of your blow dry and style.
  • Curl it, smooth it, and straighten it with style memory technology.
  • Leaves hair with soft, silky texture, extraordinary shine and no frizz.
  • What it is:

    An all-in-one, heat activated lotion for all hair types revolutionizes styling.
  • What it does:

    Transforms curly, frizzy hair into silky straight hair. Transforms straight, flat hair into lush, luminous curls. Provides complete control of your blow dry and style. Protects from heat damage and UV rays. Leaves hair with soft, silky texture and extraordinary shine.
  • How it works:

    Hydrolyzed silk provides shape memory to hair style. Fructose is a natural humectant that traps moisture and acts as a heat protectant. Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate is a UV blocker that protects hair from UV damage. Tested under the most demanding situations – in salon, studio, backstage, and location – to deliver the perfect, long-lasting hairstyle every time.

Our Technology


    Precise selection of organic actives eliminates stressors to protect the hair from further damage every time you wash.


    Multi-layered technology infused with potent restorative actives that deeply penetrate the hair core to quickly repair damage.


    Time-released, multi-layered technology infused with a concentration of reparative ceramides prolongs the effects of the treatment repair.


    Innovative microcapsules infused with multi-level hydrating actives that lock in moisture and protect hair from heated tools and environmental aggressors.


Stephen's Pro Tips

 1. "Make sure to hold the bottle 12 inches away so that the mist goes overall for optimum results. Don't hold the bottle too close "

 2. Must have for all hair types, styles, texture - 1st step to styling. For initial styling apply on damp hair depending on the length of hair, 15-20 spritzes throughout for shoulder length or longer... can add as you blow dry , can add 1-2 more spritz per section for added smoothness or refinement or control.

 3. For retouching: apply to dry hair's heat activated so first try without adding more but if the hair is unruly add one to 2 spritzes per... to touch up your hair, 1-2 spritzes per section... try first wihtout more product heat activated

 4. When you use each product or layer multiple products they should always be comped through - this tip applies to ALL

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