Light Bounce Shampoo



  • Reduce Frizz
  • Add Volume
  • Add Moisture

This lightweight purifying shampoo gently cleanses giving volume, strength and density to fine hair.

  • Adds body, bounce and shine.
  • Detoxifies hair and scalp.
  • Adds nutrients and light moisture to strengthen hair.
  • Protects and prevents color from fading.
  • Lauryl Sulfate & Silicone Free.

The Science Of Repair & Self-Care

Japanese technology fused with New York salon quality stlye gives you strong, healthy & beautiful hair you can be proud of.

What’s Inside?

01 Repair


Botanicals, put to work

Our powerhouse botanical complex is delivered through patented Japanese nanocapsule technology, which is absorbed into the innermost layers of your hair follice, reaching your most damaged areas and repairing from the inside out.

The result? Healthy, beautiful, strong hair.

DTX Capsules

Rapid repair capsule

inner stock capsule

hydro renew capsule

02 Self-Care


Level up
your “me time”

Our signature scent, developed exclusively for Stephen Knoll NY, smells amazing and makes you feel your best!


Reduce Stress

Increase Happiness

03 Style


Turn Heads

Our products return hair to its healthiest and strongest state while helping you achieve head-turning New York City salon quality style.

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Before & After

Before & After

“A little Light Bounce Shampoo goes a long way - it’s exactly what I was looking for."


Stephen’s Pro Tips


The fact is: everyone's body chemistry differs, so my recommendation is to shampoo as needed. A cleaner scalp is a healthier scalp. This shampoo is perfect for finer hair textured... this shampoo promotes airy, full body, volume and bounce.


For all of my shampoos, I recommend either a quarter or nickle size amount dependind on your hair length and amount. For shoulder length hair or longer, I recommend using a quarter-size amount of hair. For shorter hair, use a nickel-size amount.


For all hair types, rigorously scrub your scalp with your finger tips. This action helps increase circulation and brings blood flow to your scalp helping to make your scalp healthier. A healty scalp, means healthier hair.


Perfect for finer hair to give it more fullness while strengthening hair.

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